Laboratory Facility

•    NPS has state-of-the-art Computer Lab with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware & software; which takes care of the needs of our students, teachers and the curriculum. The Computer Lab is also well connected with Internet through a dedicated broadband Internet connection.

High-Tech Classrooms Facility


Well designed & adequately ventilated A.C. Classrooms are one of the core stregths of NPS infrastructure
Well designed 2 Seater Benches for students gives them comfort and supports their learning process indirectly. 2 seater bench is a ideal for the stdents as it provides the students with adequate space for sitting and keeping their books.
Our policy is to enrol maximum 48 students per class, so that each student can be given personalized attention by the teachers & school management.
Our incorporating Multimedia techniques in the Classroom, we aim to engage our students to make learning process interesting & engaging for the students. Our Multimedia Classrooms provide  suitable learning resources and valuable learning opportunities to the students.

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