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Education opens the door to Life!

The process of education at Noble Public School

As children grow into early childhood, their world begin to open up the most during these early years of life.Pre-primary education at NPS gives base and foundation to a child's sphere of knowledge for the primary level of education. It shapes innate skills of children so that they can utilize it in a positive way.

At NPS pre - primary students learn most effectively through play way methods. Such methods create safe and nurturing environment in which children are encouraged to explore, imagine, create and interact.

The Pre- primary education at NPS attempts to mouldprogressive behaviour of children and teaches them the basics of morality. It provides children with a friendly social environment and teaches them the etiquettes and manners of living in a society.

At NPS, we focus on expansive skill building such as listening, gross motor fine skills and respect for others. Children learn and understand things by observing, feeling, playing and sharing. Children get acquainted with the traditional aspects through celebration of different festivals & days.

The Academic year is planned in such a way that Music, media and various art forms are included along with academic curriculum and students are also encouraged to participate in various competitions and celebrations held at school.

NPS offers wide curriculum which is carefully designed to ensure co-ordinated delivery of curriculum with maximum effectiveness and other aspects of academic programming.

Planned for a total of 1600 + students, Noble Public School will progressively have 1-2 sections per class facilities divided into five levels comprising of kindergarten, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary school students. The class strength and student to teacher ratio is kept low to ensure individual attention and proper mentoring.

Pre Primary School - Nursery, Junior KG & Senior KG
Primary School - Grade I to VIII
Secondary School - Grade IX, X
Higher Secondary School - Grade XI, XII Commerce
Computer literacy, Art, Music, Dance, Karate, Life Skills are compulsory activities for all grades.